Steve Gillette & Cindy Mangsen - Home By Dark

Steve & Cindy's 2012 duet CD: Home By Dark is a stellar new duet album from Steve & Cindy, released in January 2012. With help from our usual compadres, Peter Davis (tenor banjo, sax), Will Patton (double bass, mandolin), Scott Petito (double bass), Pete Sutherland (piano, fiddle), Jennifer Weeks (oboe), and Jack Williams (guitar), we've assembled a mix of old favorites and new songs ranging from Child ballads to classic rags to original songs.

Track Listing (with MP3 clips)

  1. Holy Smoke (Doug Johnson)
  2. Some Boats (Anne Hills)
  3. The California Zephyr (Denise Fleming & Steve Gillette)
  4. Sur la Route de Dijon (Traditional)
  5. The Two Sisters (Traditional, Child #10)
  6. Blue (Joe Carlson)
  7. Birdsong (Cindy Mangsen)
  8. Rosmini's Rag (Traditional)
  9. Seal Lullaby / Seal Harbor (W: Rudyard Kipling, M: Cindy Mangsen / Words & Music by Cindy Mangsen)
  10. Manomet Waltz / The Mathematician (Cindy Mangsen / J. Scott Skinner, P.D.)
  11. The Gnu (Michael Flanders & Donald Swann)
  12. Home By Dark (Steve Gillette)

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