Societies & Foundations

  • The Blues Foundation

  • California Folk Music: List of Performers

  • California State University at Fresno - Folklore Home Page

  • Celtic Music on the Internet

  • The Canadian On Line Music Association Store

  • Didjeridu Page

  • Digital Tradition Folk Song Database

  • Ethnomusicology, Folkmusic, and World links

  • Fasola Home Page

  • Florida Folklife Programs

  • The Florida State Division of Historical Resources

  • Folk Alliance Conference Information


  • Folk Music Home Page

  • Folk Song Society of Greater Boston

  • Golden Ring Music in Manitowoc, Wisconsin

  • Hardanger Fiddle Association of America

  • Harmony Central

  • Hogeye Concert Series, Chicago

  • Virtual Festival: Hula in Hawaii

  • The Intermountain Acoustic Music Association

  • IRCAM Acoustic Music Recherche

  • Library of Congress: American Folklife Center Home Page

  • Louisiana Folklife Database Website

  • University of Mississippi Sacred Harp Pages

  • Native Ground Music- Historic American Music & Folklore

  • New Hampshire Library of Traditional Music & Dance

  • North American Alliance of Folk Music and Dance

  • University of North Carolina Southern Folklife Collection

  • Northern Delaware Folk Music Association

  • Nysernet Folk Music Resources Directory

  • Oregon Coast Folk Circle

  • The Pickin' and Singin' Gatherin' Albany, New York

  • 1996 Potomac River Sacred Harp Singing Convention

  • Harvey Reid's Seacoast Guitar Society pages

  • Rogue Folk Club World Resources

  • Sacred Harp Page

  • Sing Out! Magazine

  • The South Folk Music Network (South of England)

  • Sutton Acoustic Music Club - British Folk Music links

  • Tidewater Friends of Folk Music

  • A Site for Vermont Artists

  • Worldwide Music Internet Resources

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