Steve Gillette & Cindy Mangsen's Reviews


Cindy... "Her voice is one of the most beautiful of any contemporary folk interpreter."

Chicago Magazine

"Steve Gillette, a veteran singer-songwriter, has penned tunes for Garth Brooks, Linda Ronstadt and Jiminy Cricket and it's easy to hear why these disparate artists look his way... His sense of love is immensely personal ("Bed of Roses"), engagingly familial ("Healing Hands") and sweetly generational ("So Close," written for his high school mates' 20th reunion). This album ("The Ways of the World"), tastefully produced by Jim Rooney, has a genial energy and nature about it."

Mike Joyce, The Washington Post

"Cindy Mangsen combines a magnificent smoky voice with pure intelligence. Intelligence in choosing songs, in writing songs, and understanding of what she sings."

Rich Warren, Sing Out Magazine

"Steve Gillette sings easily, smoothly, in a mellow voice free of any affectation. He writes thoughtful, perceptive, unpretentious songs which refrain from elevating every situation of life worthy of comment to some cosmic significance. He always keeps his subjects in perspective, and by doing so refines the sensitivities of his listeners. He plays the guitar with an impressive mastery of technique which manifests itself in a rhythmic precision rarely equalled. All the components of fine music are here: A very pleasing voice, solid musicianship, a keenly perceptive eye and ear. Steve Gillette is one of the best songwriters in the folk idiom and an equally good performer."

Ralph Earle, Broadside Magazine

"Cindy Mangsen seems to sing as easily and naturally as most other people speak...Settle Down is a wonderful album."

Silo Newsletter

"Steve's 25 year career has seen his songs recorded successfully by many a distinguished artist; small wonder as he's a legendary songwriter...blending folk and country pop which makes you hang on every word with rapt attention. Obviously his peers are in awe of him."

Tony May, Folk Roots Magazine

Cindy... "This beautiful American folk soprano is as much a master of Anglo-Scottish tradition as many better-known singers from 'across the pond.' Gorgeous, pure vocals."

Scott Alarik, The Boston Globe

Steve... "His writing encompasses the harmonic complexity of "You Don't Know Her Like I Do" and the directness of "Darcy Farrow" (recorded by Ian and Sylvia), and his voice is deep and full. But it is his playing which is most memorable. Using a pick and two fingers, he plays fast and intricate patterns which recall the near-legendary Doc Watson, with a little Blind Gary Davis for good measure."

Michael Etchison, The Los Angeles Herald Examiner

"Cindy's voice makes a song come very much alive, and whether it is a hymn, a venerable old ballad, or a contemporary piece, every song becomes a musical poem in her skillful hands."

The Black Sheep Review

Steve... "He is obviously possessed of a major songwriting talent, and his singing is likewise excellent. Perhaps the most refreshing element in Steve Gillette is his honesty. He comes on stage with something to say."

Cashbox Magazine

"Mangsen has, over the years, developed into one of the finest singers in American folk music. She has a rare voice that radiates smoke and crystal, yet she manages difficult traditional material with intelligence...Mangsen is a grand and special singer."

Come for to Sing

"Gillette is well known to aficionados of great songwriting. In addition to his own recordings, countless other artists have been recording his songs for the better part of three decades. Like so much of his past work, every one of the dozen songs on this album is a well-crafted gem combining intelligent lyrics with very singable and often very pretty melodies...The album was produced by Jim Rooney using some of Nashville's finest acoustic musicians and the arrangements serve to bring out the best in these songs."

Mike Regenstreif, Sing Out Magazine

Cindy... "A voice that can warm a New England winter.. The songs on Long Time Traveling are beautiful in and of themselves, but perhaps the best thing about Cindy's singing is its expressive- such subtle ways she is able to convey so much emotion. Listen to this album when you've been moving too fast and need to remember what's really important."

Andy's Front Hall

"With gentle humor, years of accumulated stories, and an effortless ability to deliver perfect harmonies and playing, they are grand masters of folk music. Their brand of entertainment is the product of decades of performance. There's no shortcut to what they have."

Sarah Craig, Manager, Caffè Lena

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