The Architecture Song

From the Redwing Album-"A Sense of Place"

Words & Music by Jon Ims
(c) 1985 Rites of Passage Music, BMI

A truism is that great architecture results from partnership.
The chemistry between artist and client contributes to harmony.
At the time the house was built, Mr. Adler was at the pinnacle of his career, and recognized as one of the finest residential architects.
Mr. and Mrs. Blair as clients were aware of the importance of their role, and had given considerable thought to the character of their new home.

The Blairs loved time and tradition but their vision was unusual.
They were captivated by farm houses colonial with their curved overhanging eaves, gambrel roofs, stone and shingle covered walls and irregular outgrowth of wings.
The idea of using a modest farm dwelling as a model for a major residential commission was unheard of at the time.

On their way back home, on their way back home

They proposed a house that was one room deep in order to capture the late breeze during the hot summer months, and to serve to utilize the passive solar energy during the winter months and to allow light to enter rooms from two or three sides.
There levels change, there are surprising connections between interior space and the expansive exterior gardens.

On their way back home, on their way back home

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