From the Album-"Texas & Tennessee"

Ghost Rider's Medley

"Riders In the Sky" by Stan Jones, Edwin Morris & Co. Inc. ASCAP
"Fast Freight" by Terry Gilkyson, Unichappel Music, Inc. BMI
"Runnin' Out of Sunlight" by Steve Gillette & Charles John Quarto
(c)1988 Ensign Music / Foreshadow Songs , BMI

(Fast Freight)

I lie awake and I listen, I lie awake and I wait
I wish the railroad didn't run so near
For the rattle and the clatter of that old fast freight
Keeps a'makin' music in my ear
Go bum again, go bum again

Hear the whistle blow, hear the whistle blow
Clickity clack, clickity clack
The wheels are singin' with the railroad track
If you go you can't come back, if you go you can't come back
If you go you can't come back

(Runnin' Out of Sunlight)

I know I need to talk with the woman
The next time the moment comes around
I need to walk by the ocean, let the sound of the wind calm me down
I'm punchin' radio buttons like typewriter keys
Tryin' to find me somebody sing truly to me Big semi's blowin' by like they know where they're bound

And there are shadows on the windshield turnin' into night
Showin' up a little too soon
Can't make out the markings down the dotted line
Can't see what it's leading me to

Suddenly a signal way off to the right
Lost in the last of the blue
Deeper into darkness, runnin' out of sunlight
And still not a sign of the moon

(Back to Fast Freight)

I wouldn't give a nickel for the bum I used to be
I work as hard as any man in town
I've got a pretty woman and she thinks the world of me
A man would be a fool to let her down

And go bum again, go bum again

Hear the whistle blow ...

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