From the Album-"Texas & Tennessee"

The Eye of the Hurricane

Words and music by Steve Gillette and Rex Benson
(c) 1998 Foreshadow Songs / Rex Benson Music, BMI

Sometimes this old world is a tempest
Where lives are tossed and blown
People will do what they can for you
But they're worried about their own

Rain and desperation
Have drenched me through to the bone
But when those storm clouds gather around me now
I thank God I'm not alone

In the eye of the hurricane
There's a calm and quiet place
The shelter of your arms is my refuge
When the world is so hard to face

Outside, the night is raging, there's a wall of wind and rain
It's an angry sky, but it's calm in the eye of the hurricane

You take me in out of the madness
And time for the moment stands still
You give my life a sense of direction
And I pray that you always will

'Cause when the powers that be take their toll on me
And my balance is starting to stray
You take my hand, and my troubles are swept away

But in the eye of the hurricane ...

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