From the Album-"Texas & Tennessee"

One Door

Words and music by Steve Gillette and Mike Faltin
(C) 1998 Foreshadow Songs, BMI

Mama held the baby in her arms and cried
She just looked at me and smiled
She said, Son, this child of yours has got his grampa's eyes
If he'd only lived to see this day, I know he'd be so proud

When one door closes, then one will open
When something's wrong something's bound to be right
There is a new beginning cause something's ending
And the promise of a sunrise deep in the darkest night

My heart was broken when I was seventeen
Mama waited up for me that night
She said, Son, love is a mystery
As she wiped away the tears that I had cried

She said, When one door closes, then one will open ...

And the truth never changes
As it comes down through the ages
And this life, though it sometimes makes me grey,
In my heart, I can still hear mama say

When one door closes, then one will open ...

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