"From the Album-Texas & Tennessee"

Railroad Written All Over Him

Words and music by Steve Gillette & Charles John Quarto
(c) 1987 Ensign Music / Foreshadow Music, BMI

Every time that a train whistles by
He turns from the table, turns to the sky
And even though he's been there most every night
Her heart is in trouble, it's love's standard crime

He's got railroad written all over him
She can read it in his eyes
He's got railroad written all over him
Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye, goodbye

Somewhere off in the blue dust of dawn
Lost to the morning, and still driftin' on
Sometimes she'll look way out across the lawn
She'll look clear to glory before she sees him again

'Cause he's got railroad written all over him ...

Used to be when he was younger
He could let the train roll past without even sighing
Or grasping for the wine

Now he's haunted by the hunger
And though he swears that it won't last
She know's that he's lying, he's way down the line.

He's got railroad written all over him ...

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