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I Will, I Do

Words & Music by Steve Gillette and Tim McMullen

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(Man sings first verse)
I take this woman to have and to hold
As long as we both shall live,
For richer or poorer to treasure each other
With all that is ours to give.

I will, I do,
To honor and cherish my whole life through.
I pledge my love with one simple answer
Yes, I will, I do.

(Woman sings second verse)
I take this man forsaking all others
To love until death do us part,
To comfort each other as our lives unfold
Sharing the gifts of a loving heart.


Upon your hand I place this ring
As I stand before you now.
Through all the years, whatever life may bring
I make this solemn vow.


From this day forward, now and forever,
Yes, I will, I do.

©2018 Compass Rose Music, BMI / Rex Benson Music, BMI

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