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Spots On the Dice

Words & Music by Stuart Burns, Steve Gillette and Dan Paik

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Can't you hear that lonesome whistle
Blowin' across the Great Divide?
I would have been home with my baby
But for a gambler's foolish pride.
Don't you never double down on the dealer
When you don't have that ace in the hole.
All your plans and schemes
Are just spots on the dice as they roll.

I had my walk in the sun, then it got a little shady
But I never let my deal go down.
As long as luck was a lady
I was standing on solid ground.
You might be hell-bent for heaven,
But if you can't roll a seven
Them bones ain't gonna save your soul.
All your hopes and dreams
Are just spots on the dice as they roll.

For such a long time
I would overrule this heart of mine
It's such a lonely road, and that road's still winding
But I know how to walk the line.

So if you're lucky enough to have a good woman's love
To hold you when you're out of control,
All your sweet temptations are just spots on the dice,
All your good vibrations are just spots on the dice,
Your great expectations are just spots on the dice as they roll.

©2017 Compass Rose Music, BMI

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