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The Song of Imaginary Gifts

Words & Music by Geoff Bartley

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The big day comes, the stars align, we pause to celebrate
The only thing that's missing is a dancer in a cake
Friends will bring fine presents, old Glenlivet from the bar
But these special gifts I've brought for you are worth much more by far

For taking giant steps, here's a special pair of shoes
And your own private orchestra that never plays the blues
Here's an acrobat technique so your balance you will keep
And a mountain bike with ninety gears for when the road gets steep

Here's a crazy little cup that always overflows
And a way that's never lost no matter where it goes
To the people that you love, here's an everlasting link
And some flamingos fresh from Florida to keep you in the pink

Here's a precious pirate map to the treasure that you are
And a rope that never frays just right for hitching to a star
Here's a loquacious little cat explaining landing on one's feet
And a Scrabble game that never spells defeat

For dancing through the world here's a pair of dancing feet
And some food that you don't like that you never have to eat
And the airiest of grace for when you're dancing cheek to cheek
And a paddle if you find yourself stranded up that creek

Here's an X marked "You are here" if you suspect you're not all there
And an extra ounce of poise if you should start to lose your hair
Here's a big red paper ticket for your one free ride
And a magic microscope for a clearer look inside

Now that's the end of all my toys, you must keep them in your heart
And promise to remember me when we're far apart
Remember those you love you with these blessings you receive
And live each day to make them real and not just make-believe.

©2008 Joshua Omar's Music, BMI

Available for download as hi-res MP3 or lossless FLAC from our store here: Downloads


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