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The Windows of Heaven

Words & Music by Steve Gillette and Pat Pfister

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Every other day there's a story in the paper,
Some poor soul in a struggle with his neighbor
Reaching out in his righteous anger
And the wrong is done.
Now more than ever I find myself wishing
That I could be the fellow with the better ambition,
Teach my children to look for the good in everyone.

If we could stand behind the windows of heaven
And look deep into the heart of every man
Our children would fill this house with music
And the lion lie down with the lamb.

Before you know it you can build a wall around you
Make you wonder how the good things ever found you
I would tear all the fences down if it was up to me.
I know the mountain won't be standing there forever
I know this life is no more certain than the weather.
If all we have is this moment here together that's enough for me.


I know there's a longing to be done with all the sorrow
To climb up to where the dawn of heaven rolls 
But to know the better angels of our nature
We must make the faithful journey of our souls.


©1998 Compass Rose Music, BMI

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